Duration: 2 Minutes                                                 Lights: Green 1:00, Amber 1:30, Red 2:00, Buzzer 2:30

The task of grammarian can be interesting but is not easy. The grammarian should listen for words which are mispronounced or misused as well as words which are slurred or word-endings which are dropped. It may also be appropriate to look for clichés or words and expressions, which are overused during a meeting.

It is also important to give praise where it is due for good word usage, an elegant turn of phrase or clear enunciation.

If you find that the Club members are frequently saying “um” you may care to mention this, but usually leave the Ah/Um’s to the Ah/Um counter.

Keep the session brief and fast moving. Be careful to not commit errors in word usage and pronunciation while criticising others for the same thing.

This session is usually better received by the audience if you keep it light hearted and friendly. Avoid embarrassing individual members, particularly if they are still new to public speaking. Too much criticism may frighten away potentially good speakers.

When introduced by the Chairman be prepared to briefly explain the role of the Grammarian and what you looked for.

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