Minutes taker

Minutes of the meeting should be taken as accurately as possible . Obtain a Minutes Template Sheet before the meeting begins. It is important that all the relevant information is recorded. Not only is this a record of our meeting, it is also a historical record.

Substantive motions should be put in writing by the mover. This will assist recording the motion accurately. If this does not happen, you should stand on a point of order and request that it be put in writing.

Do not hesitate to ask for details to be repeated if you do not hear something or do not keep up.

It is your responsibility to have the minutes typed and emailed in good time prior to the next meeting. A draft is to be emailed within one week of the meeting end and final version at least 3 days before the next meeting.
Note: If using later versions of Microsoft Word please be sure to save the document as an older version of Word (.doc) so that email recipients will be able to open the attachment. PDF format is also acceptable but .docx format cannot be opened by all recipients.

If you have problems with typing or copying contact the Club Secretary.

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