Duration: 3 minutes                                                 Lights: Green 2:00, Amber 2:30, Red 3:00, Buzzer 3:30

The basic functions of the Parliamentarian are:

  • To act as consultant to Chairman when he or she requests advice or information relative to the procedures to be adopted when difficulty or indecision arises.
  • To evaluate the conduct of the business session. This evaluation will make reference to the Chairman’s manner and the application of the principles of meeting procedure by the Chairman and participating members.

When preparing
The performance of this responsibility demands a thorough working knowledge of:

  • The Club Constitution and the Standard Bylaws for Clubs of Toastmasters International (Code 210-C).
  • The specific Continuing Motions of HDTC, which supersede the Standard Club Bylaws.
  • Guide for Meetings, by N. E. Renton, Law Book Co
  • The Chairman’s Typical Agenda (also known as the Cheat Sheet).
  • The Chairman’s Assignment Guide

What to do during your assignment:

  • Evaluate most importantly how the Chairman conducted him/herself according to the basic criteria:Impartial, firm, tactful, use of common sense.
  • Discuss the Chairman’s knowledge of procedures and how well the agenda was followed.
  • Evaluate also the person giving the motion, in terms of how well the motion was constructed, and their contribution to the debate.
  • Provide a general evaluation of other participants (officers giving reports, debate participants) if it is instructive to do so.
  • You then hand back to the person who introduced you, usually the General Evaluator.

That is the end of the first part of your assignment.

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