Read or Recite

Read or Recite

Duration: 2 Minutes                                                 Lights: Green 1:00, Amber 1:30, Red 2:00, Buzzer 2:30


  • To provide you with an opportunity to exercise vocal variety and body language in the delivery of a piece written by someone else. Children’s stories and excerpts from famous speeches are examples of such material.

When preparing:

  • Choose a piece of poetry or prose and decide whether your objective will be to read or recite.
  • If you are going to read from a book, make a photocopy with enlarged print. This will help you follow the text more easily and enable you to look up and maintain some level of eye contact.
  • As with all assignments, prepare and rehearse to ensure correct timing. Readings seem to be particularly prone to going over time.

Before the meeting begins:

  • Inform Chairman of your title, and how you would like him/her to introduce you.

During your assignment:

  • Keep any introduction short, maximum of 15-20 seconds.
  • Allow yourself to concentrate on your delivery: voice, pace, pausing, gestures…. The whole idea is to relieve you of the burden of worrying about what to say.
  • When you are finished, hand back to Chairman.
  • That is the end of your assignment. You will be evaluated by the General Evaluator
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