Table Topics Evaluator

Table Topics Evaluator

Duration: 3 Minutes                                                Lights: Green 2:00, Amber 2:30, Red 3:00, Buzzer 3:30


  • To provide quick feedback on how well each speaker was able to present their table topic.
  • You have to be concise and precise in what you report. Too many Table Topic Evaluators are guilty of exceeding the time imposed.

When preparing:

The Table Topic Master should have given you a list of questions that will be asked.

During your assignment:

As with all evaluations, your presentation should be positive, upbeat, instructive and basically congratulatory.

2-3 minutes is not long. It gives you enough time for a few general comments, then 20-30 seconds per speaker.

Do not comment on or embellish what the speaker said. Rather, evaluate the degree of effectiveness achieved in achieving a sound structure, and in procuring audience reaction, especially to the acceptance of a point of view

Offer ONE Commendation, ONE recommendation and ONE Commendation. You will not really have time for much more. Try making your notes using the form in Appendix 2. Be sure to finish on a Positive Note!
Discuss trends amongst the speakers and limit your remarks on individuals to those to whom you can give helpful advice. In order to keep in your time limit, don’t discuss the good answers at length. They can be mentioned in passing so that you can devote your remarks to the areas and people where they can do the most good

Things to look for:

  • Structure: Opening, body and close.
  • Eye contact (with all in the room).
  • Hand gestures & Body language
  • Addressing the topic – it is not a requirement, but it is preferred.
  • Vocal strength and variety, Pace of delivery: speed, pauses.
  • Use of humour.

Do not comment on the time taken by the speaker. The TIMER should point this out. Just concentrate on the presentation.

Don’t repeat the question, just concentrate on the presentation – you are evaluating the way the speaker responded.

Hand back to the Table Topic Master.

That is the end of your assignment. You will be evaluated by the General Evaluator

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