Table Topics Master

Table Topic Master

Duration 20 Minutes


Of the Table Topics is for members to gain experience in impromptu speaking and to give every member who does not have another assignment for the evening, the opportunity to participate in the meeting.

Prior to the meeting:

1. Choose an overall topic, the topic should be something mildly controversial which the audience will be familiar.
2. Write up 12 numbered questions, make three copies (one for you and one each for the two evaluators)
3. Keep the questions as short and clear as possible. (The entire segment should be completed within 20 minutes. Requiring you to keep each topic brief, which also means the members can take it in and remember it more easily.)

During the meeting:

  • Briefly explain the roll
  • Quickly introduce the evaluators and hand them the question listAsk the timekeeper to give each speaker a short buzz at 1 minute
  • If there are enough members present DO NOT ask the Table Topics evaluators or the Timer a question
  • When the last topic is answered introduce the Evaluators.
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