Visitors Welcome

Visitors Welcome

Duration: 2 Minutes                                                 

This is an extremely important task of the evening. Guests should be made to feel welcome so they may relax, enjoy the evening and hopefully visit the club again. If you are assigned this task you should be at the meeting early to assist in greeting guests and ensuring they have a companion for the evening. By introducing yourself to the guests before your segment you will be more genuine in your welcome.

Take a seat as near to the door as possible to receive late visitors.

The welcome should incorporate the aims and objectives of Toastmasters. If you like you may say how long you have been a member and why you joined, what you hope to achieve etc. Indicate what the guests can expect to hear and learn, and how they may contribute to the meeting.

Be warm and friendly to make them feel welcome. Sincerity is essential. As guests introduce them selves write down their names and refer to them by name during your welcome. This adds a personal touch.

Ensure that new guests have received a Toastmasters brochure, an Agenda, and a guide to the night (available from Vice President Membership).

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