Typical Agenda

Typical Meeting Agenda of The Hills District Toastmasters Club

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Time Assignment
7pm Members and guests arrive, greeted by a member
7.20pm Sergeant at Arms, calls meeting to order
Minute taker
Chairman Opens Meeting
Apologies & Program Opportunities
1 min Mission Statement
2 min Visitor’s Welcome
2 min My Word
2 min Laugh Master
1 min Toast
20 min Table Topics (Maximum 12 questions)
3 min Table Topics Evaluation (odd questions)
3 min Table Topics Evaluation (even questions)
20 min Business Session
3 min Read or Recite
3 min Parliamentarian
5 min General Evaluator (first session)
1 min Close First Session
15 min – Recess
Sergeant at Arms, reopens meeting
Toastmaster of Speaking Session
5-7 min Speaker 1
5-7 min Speaker 2
5-7 min Speaker 3
3 min Evaluator 1
3 min Evaluator 2
3 min Evaluator 3
2 min Inspirational Comment
2 min Did You Listen?
2 min Ah/Um Counter
2 min Grammarian’ Report
2 min Timers Report
5 min General Evaluator (second session)
2 min Awards
2 min Visitor’s comments (optional)
1 min Close of second session & Stirrer’s award
3 min President closes the meeting
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